What is supervision?

During the process of supervision you have the opportunity to look at a mentally stressful professional situation from different perspectives. The process allows you to analyse and understand your situation in a reflective way with the help of the supervisor. Reflection and feedback can facilitate the change of your perspective and make it possible for you to step out of your usual thinking schemes and be able to react in a different way in the same situation. The difference between coaching and supervision is that supervision focuses on understanding the situation and changing one’s attitude whereas coaching focuses on finding solutions and taking actions.


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Individual supervision

Group supervision

Team supervision

Individual supervision focuses on the improvement of professional self awareness. The supervisor  concentrates solely on you you during the process.

In group supervision the participants come from different professional backgrounds. During the supervision process they reflect on and comment one another’s professional situations and thus help one another to change perspective.

In team supervision colleagues in close working relationship take part. Trust and opennes can increase within the team and thus workplace conflicts can be mitigated with the help of supervision. The process also inspires participants to find creative solutions and helps your team to adapt to changes in a more flexible way.

How does the supervision process go?

The most important tool of supervision is reflection. The feedback of the supervisor and that of other team members will help you to understand your situation and change your perspective. The 90-minute long supervision sessions take place 2-3 weekly and the number of sessions can range from 4 to 10 depending on whether individual, group or team supervision is required.

When do I recommend supervision?

If you would like to renew your motivation, avoid or stop burnout, develop your potential and increase your stress adaptation competence.


Supervision inspired me to take on my own thoughts and emotions before others and not to just perform my tasks automatically. I took courage and gained self-confidence through supervision for which I am thankful. I recommend Anita with my whole heart to anyone who would like to have a supervisor, because besides her being a kind person she is also patient, reliable and has great empathy for her clients.

Krisztina T., teacher

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