My name is Anita Pozsgai. I am an economist, coach and supervisor. I worked for multinational companies for more than 10 years where I filled various positions from assistant to manager. During these years I experienced the challenges people can face in this type of working environment, and I realised how difficult it is to balance your private and professional life. As a coach and supervisor I would like to help my clients to strengthen their professional identity and be able to live a more balanced life. I would also like to support them in releasing and using their internal resources and help them face challenges in a more conscious way.

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"The personality, style and expertise of Anita Pozsgai are of such high-quality that they can immediately create an opportunity for personal growth and development in an honest and open atmosphere. Her shine is encouraging and inspiring."

Pintye József, Canon Hungária

"I highly recommend Anita to anyone. She can immediately create an honest atmosphere in which we can freely open up. "

Turai Krisztina, teacher

"I can only recommend Anita to anyone who needs supervision. Her friendly and direct style creates an open atmosphere where we are happy to share even our biggest doubts with one another."

T. Bori, photographer

Interview with me about hurrysickness on RTL Klub Morning show

The interview is in Hungarian.

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