What does coaching mean?

The aim of the coaching process is to bring about change. The process itself is result oriented, goes along set objectives and focuses on the future. Coaching helps you to be able to use your own resources and unreleased potential more efficiently when facing challenges.

When can coaching be effective?

Whenever we deal with the development of communication skills, time management, delegation, conflict management, creating work-life balance, preventing burnout, supporting managing roles, decision making, strategic direction setting and building of a personal brand. Besides offering support in a business environment, coaching can also give help regarding questions of lifestyle.

What happens during a coaching session?

The learning environment is fully created to suit your personal needs where the coach facilitates your own learning by posing questions in order to reveal alternatives and different solutions, and promote conscious decision making. During the sessions the coach also applies reflection, role plays and action plans as supporting tools. The sessions last 60-90 minutes and are held 2-3 weekly. One coaching process consists of 4-10 sessions.


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Ask for a free consultation during which you can set your personal goals, get to know the coaching process and get acquainted with me.

A process that it is exclusively created to suit your personal needs.

The goal of team coaching is to develop the efficiency of your team by using their unreleased potential as a team and to create a more harmonious working atmosphere via means of open communication.


I really recommend Anita Pozsgai as a coach because her expertise and business experience excellently combine during her coaching sessions. She works with an honest, supportive attitude and with deep empathy. Coaching greatly helped me to keep up with all the changes at my workplace and to change my perspective. It gave me inspiration to focus on what I have influence on and fight for my own goals more persistently.

Krisztina V., Finance and Operations Manager

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